Products, imported and local

We manufacture and sell the following microscopic stains and reagents:

We also now formulate and manufacture hand sanitizers and cleaning liquids for metals, aircon coil cleaners, etc!

We also manufacture pH Buffers solutions pH 7.0 (green coloured), pH 4.0 (red coloured) and pH 10.0 (blue coloured). And many more, such as standardised laboratory reagents!

We also supply sterile sampling bottles and Whirl-Pak®plastic bags for collecting samples under aseptic conditions.

Ask for our FREE water sampling kit that contains sterile Sampling Bottles and Instructions on how to collect water samples.

We are the agents and distributors for the following laboratory manufacturers and suppliers: Please contact us immediately if you are interested in any of these products.

Prices are available on request, please contact us at or

Technical Service Consultants, UK Technical Service Consultants, United Kingdom

swabs sterile bottles

Here is a description of some of our imported laboratory products for microbiologists, biotechnologists and pathologists: