Bacteriology and Microbiology Tests

Tests marked with § are SANAS Accredited Test Methods.


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DNA testing in the Food Industry by Real Time PCR methodology

We can now offer quick results for Salmonella, Listeria, E coli and Campylobacter, using the latest Real-Time PCR technology!

This methodology for food safety testing is relatively new in South Africa and we at Bio-Science Technologies (Pty) Ltd are proud to be one of first independent testing laboratories to recently acquire this highly specialised instrumentation. Results using this technique are available within 24 hours compared to conventional methods which can take anything from 3 to 6 days. Product safety can be verified prior to dispatch from factory or warehouse, thus saving millions of Rand due to product recalls, food poisoning and litigation costs.

Polymerase Chain Reaction, commonly referred to as PCR, is the amplification of DNA strands into millions of copies consisting of a specific DNA sequence. With conventional PCR, the results can be visualised on agarose gel only after the reaction has been completed but with Real Time PCR, results can be viewed as the reaction is taking place.

How does it work?

Samples are enriched in a nutrient medium for a couple hours. An aliquot of the sample is subjected to enzymes and a thermo cycler unit, in order to break the double stranded DNA and produce more DNA copies. Fluorescent labelled probes and dyes are added to the DNA copies in order for them to be detected. Every living organism has a different DNA sequence hence different probes and dyes have to be used. These dyes and probes bind to the specific DNA sequence causing it to fluoresce. The fluorescence is then measured to determine if the particular organism is present. Speed, sensitivity, specificity and excellent detection limit are just some of the advantages that Real Time PCR has over conventional microbiological test methods. The inclusion of certified positive and negative controls just adds more confidence to the results obtained!

Some of the tests we are equipped to undertake are:

We also test for a range of food allergens, vitamins and mycotoxins.

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